Bantayan Island - Typhoon Yolanda

Bantayan Island

One of the areas hit by the Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) is Bantayan Island off of Cebu. 90% of the homes there are without a roof and devastation is widespread.

Smiles ...

Smiles like this make it all worth it. Our new friend in Sitio Dila-Dila in Barangay Binaobao whose community @adoptabahay will be helping to rebuild.

Adopt a Bahay - En route to Bantayan Island

En-route to Bantayan Island

Our team en-route to Bantayan Island to help re-build through the efforts of the Adopt a Bahay project.

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Images from Bantayan Island

From Bantayan Island

Images of the devastation from Bantayan Island, Philippines

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Good morning from Bantayan Island. Late nights, early mornings. Start of the day for team @adoptabahay. This island is still so beautiful.

Help Now!

You can help rebuild the homes and lives of those on Bantayan Island. No donation is too small! Please help rebuild the Philippines.

Adopt a Bahay – Rebuild the Philippines

Super Typhoon Haiyan (known as Yolanda in the Philippines) was one of the strongest storms ever recorded. It slammed into the Philippines and left behind death, destruction, and desperation.

A rebuilding effort, called “Adopt a Bahay,” is underway for Bantayan Island. This island just off Cebu was in the direct path of Super Typhoon Yolanda and experienced high storm surges. The typhoon left 90 to 95% of the homes on Bantayan Island without a roof. People do not have money and no fuel to get their fishing boats out to sea. The island still has no electricity.

The “Adopt a Bahay” effort involves rebuilding homes for the people of Bantayan Island. The homes are mostly nipa huts and would cost around $250 USD. We are starting with one barangay (village)—Barangay Binaobao which has about 500 households. Their livelihood in this village consists of women working as fish vendors and men as tricycle drivers.

It is amazing to watch the world community come together to help the Philippines. There are many people who want to find a way to help but do not know where to start. Your donation to “Adopt a Bahay” will enable rebuilding for the long term—literally a roof over the heads of those affected by this disaster. Even more comforting is knowing that this will make a direct impact on the ground.

Since we are a family based in Manila and various parts of the world, we are working with the Superior Major of Rogationists seminary who will locally implement our plan on Bantayan Island. Together with the community emphasizing working through “bayanihan” in the “barangays,” we will rebuild Bantayan Island to its original beauty.

Know that any donation is never too small and will go directly to help the people who need it.